Retirement Tax Strategies for Your Situation

At Beckett Wealth Management Group our goals are straight-forward. We help our clients utilize many of the tax law opportunities, and implement strategies that significantly reduce retirement taxes. We believe these strategies can dramatically enhance the quality of life.

We believe that before you make an investment decision, it's important that we understand where you are today and where you want to be in meeting your investment goals. Using our five-step process, we will design a custom plan for you. In particular, we will:

  1. Conduct a personal interview with you.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation.
  3. Review with you the details of your current financial situation.
  4. Execute the approved investment recommendations.
  5. Monitor your portfolio, providing pertinent information on any necessary changes.

Strategic Investment Services

We offer portfolio management services to individual investors, corporate pensions, foundations and endowments. The various programs provide maximum client involvement and control over your assets, while placing daily decision-making responsibilities in the hands of accomplished portfolio managers.

Our innovative service selects mutual funds from an extensive universe, including well-known no-loads. Through this service, we design a portfolio suited to your investment goals, along with performance monitoring and additional recommendations as needed. We provide one method to make transactions without loads or commissions: One statement summarizing all positions. One consolidated tax report at year-end. One source to go to for service and research.

Through our association* with professional tax teams, they will provide skillful tax planning in service of our clients.

Disclaimer: Beckett Wealth Management does not engage in tax advice. Please consult your tax professional.

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